Welcome to the Night Club,
Coming soon, DigiBand: The Downtown Lime Light, Powered and updated simultaneously with DigiBand (The Open Source Engine). DigiBand: The Downtown Lime Light brings something new and fresh to the rhythm game world of the arcade. Similar to the Enspired japanese game: Guitar Freaks and Drum Mania (or GitaDora), DigiBand brings a new look and feel to the genre with a huge difference. With a more user friendly, arcade friendly, and upgrade friendly feel to the game we bring you the best of the genre all in one.
Submitting Music for DigiBand:The Downtown Lime Light
Seijinohki PC Services is looking to bring on 30 contracts. 1 contract per song. This will make the song pack sell for $500. This is to cover the costs of paying the agreed amount for the contracted artists. Artists will receive $10, per song contracted, per machine made. This is prior to the website release in which songs sold on the site will sell for $1 a peice. Please visit the Music Contract Section for more details.
What am I paying for?
The biggest question probably on all of your minds, and not to mention the arcade owners.

DigiBand: The Downtown Lime Light will feature a sleek cabinet being sold at a low price, or with leasing/rental plans available.
DigiBand: The Downtown Lime Light will have song packs or 'mixes' released, compatible with all versions of DigiBand. These releases will use the DTX file format and contain high quality music and samples to use our Open Source software with.
DigiBand: The Downtown Lime Light will after a given time allow users to purchase arcade version songs via the commercial site for DigiBand. The songs will be allowed for use with home emulators of your choice, including the open source version of DigiBand, DTXMania, GDAMania, BandJam, etc.
DigiBand: The Downtown Lime Light is for the local small band trying to make a name for themself. We bring their music to you in an entertaining way.

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