Privacy and Usage Policy
When using Seijinohki Softs DigiBand Website, you agree to the following:
You agree to entrust Seijinohki Soft with all information supplied, and that Seijinohki Soft will never disclose any personal information of any user, unless specified in forum profiles. You agree that all forum information is publicly visible and agree not to disclose any personal information of users that do not have profile information of the same. (EG. John who is acquainted with Jane and knows Jane's user name, is not allowed to tell others personal information about Jane on these forums, unless written in Jane's profile.)
Seijinohki Soft will not use this e-mail address unless for administration contact. However, Other uses may use this e-mail address for impracticle purposes, and Seijinohki Soft takes no responsibility for this. Please do not supply an e-mail address if you do not wish to have it publicly visible. Seijinohki Soft is entitled to terminate and ban any user account who may disclose such said information.
You agree to following:
-use of the DigiBand website as intended and not for malicious use.
-To follow the forum rules when posting.
-To follow standard internet edicate.
-To take full responsibility of all posted content.
-To not flame, put down, cut down, or generally slander another individual on this site.
-To be considerate of others' personal information, and not to disclose any non publicly accessible information.

Any Infrigement to this usage agreement may result in termination or banning of your account, or IP.

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