DigiBand Artist Contract

Contract Summary
	I (the individual completing this form) agree to all terms and conditions of my 
submission in this contract.  This contract is for the use of Seijinohki PC Services 
to publish my work for the use of DigiBand home and arcade software.  I agree that I 
will be paid royalty for my work based on the conditions provided in this contract. 
By signing this agreement I agree that I have read and understood this contract. 

Terms of Submission Agreement
	By signing this document, the undersigned (hereafter referred to as 'the Artist') agrees that
Seijinohki PC Services may alter the submission of the work to comply within certain standards for
use with DigiBand.  (1) The song must be either 1m45s or 3m30s with an allowed variability of 10 
seconds.  (2) The song must have 2 or 3 audio tracks: (a) A background music track with drum and 
guitar tracks removed or silenced, (b) a guitar track with a single or solo guitar playing, and 
optionally (c) an alternate single or solo guitar playing.  A guitar is defined as any instrument 
to be emulated by a guitar controller.  A song must also have a drum track composed of sheet music 
transcribed to a sequence of several samples in order to accommodate a controller with 6 digital 
buttons: (i) a "hi-hat," (ii) a "snare," (iii) a "low tom," (iv) a "high tom," (v) a "cymbal," 
and (vi) a "bass drum."  A drum defines any kind of instrument split into samples to be played 
on a synthetic drum kit with little variation.  Seijinohki PC Services Reserves the right to deny 
a contract post submission. (3) The song tracks shall be encoded to 44.1KHZ 192kbps LAME MP3 encoded 
audio or equivalent encoding by another compressor.  (4) The drum samples shall be 44.1KHZ 16 bit 
wave files.  (5) If music is submitted without video, DigiBand reserves the write to create a video. 
The video will be strictly to the discretion of the staff of DigiBand's view and opinion of your 
music.  Music submitted must be compact disc, FLAC, wave, or highest quality and lowest compression 
MP3 audio.  Failure to submit work properly will result in termination of this agreement.

Payment and Reimbursement
	In order to make the payment process to our Artists as simple as possible we have declared 
payment will be a minimum of $10 per arcade purchase.  An arcade purchase shall be every song 
that is sold to an arcade.  Songs from various artists including the undersigned shall be sold 
in packs.  This would mean the Artist will be paid $40 if the arcade owner purchases a pack 
containing four of the Artist's songs. A song pack is a periodical update to our software with 
songs not available in previous song packs; this allows arcades to purchase and update content 
to our software in an affordable manor.  This will account for any new songs installed to machines 
owned by Seijinohki PC Services.  Payment will occur pending on how the Artist prefers, Various 
payment plans will be offered.
	Upon purchase by a user for their home use, the artist will receive a minimum of $1 per music.  
Music will be sold on DigiBand's website in a time frame well after their arcade release. The time 
frame of the release is solely to the discretion of the DigiBand staff.
	A sign on bonus may be issued; a sign on bonus is entirely decided by the recruiter for 
Seijinohki PC Services.  A sign on bonus will not exceed $200 and is not a promised fee.  A sign on 
bonus will only be issued if the recruiter deems necessary.  There may be an alternate application 
if deemed necessary.

Terms of Termination of Contract
	This contract can only be terminated for the following reasons:
-The submission failed to comply with submission standards and DigiBand standards of quality.
-Folding and/or Bankruptcy of the Company.
-Discontinued distribution of DigiBand or song packs. 
-Artist submits faulty or previously copy written work.
Upon termination of this agreement the music will be removed from our supply. Original content from 
the Artist returned or destroyed.  Any post due fees will be forfeited and payments terminated.

Song Usage Policy
	Seijinohki PC Services will only have the rights to distribute the music supplied by the Artist
in 2 ways without written permission or new contract by the Artist. 1. Seijinohki PC Services will 
distribute songs to arcade owners for use only with DigiBand arcade machines in the form of song 
packs. Song packs will also have music from other Artists. 2. Seijinohki PC Services will distribute 
songs via purchase and download to an end user for home use with DigiBand's open source software. 
DigiBand is a product of Seijinohki PC Services that is written to work under an Arcade Computer 
(AC) or Personal Computer (PC).

Copyright and Licensing
	Copyright of any content of any work will remain to the Artist. Anything created by Seijinohki PC 
Services is property of Seijinohki PC Services. The Artist will not have rights to any content that 
is not supplied upon submission.  Anything altered to be used by Seijinohki PC Services will remain 
copy written to the Artist. Seijinohki reserves the right to be licensed to use any submitted or 
altered works.  
	The Artist also atones that all work submitted is their own. The Artist in no way shall submit 
work created by another individual without permission.  If a band submits a work, the signee must be 
the 'lead' of the band.  This individual is responsible for dividing payment and ensuring copyright 
to the band.

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